Jury Trials Work. Period.

As Clarence Darrow said, “The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.” Every lawyer at Miel & Carr, PLC is a trial lawyer. We believe in your constitutional right to trial by jury and we believe that in many cases, a jury trial is the best way to resolve your Michigan Child Abuse case. Using our skills as trial lawyers, we believe that we can effectively tell your story during a jurisdiction trial in a child protective proceeding.

Both Josh Blanchard and Keeley Heath are graduates of the Trial Lawyers College. They each spent a month in the mountains of Wyoming honing their trial presentation skills, so they would be better at their craft. They each engage in continuing legal education and are frequently sought out by other lawyers who have difficult legal questions.

In addition to trusting ordinary Michigan citizens to do the right thing in child abuse cases, we know that jury trials take a lot of work for the Children’s Protective Services worker and prosecutor. If we’re ready to try a case to a jury, the process of preparing forces the other side to seriously evaluate their case. Many times, we are able to obtain favorable resolutions for or clients just because we were thoroughly prepared for a jury trial.

Call Josh Blanchard or Keeley Heath to discuss how we can present your case to a jury. 616-425-5556