Choosing an Attorney is a two-way street.

We believe that attorney / client selection is a two-way street. Our initial client consult is more than a discussion about fees — it is an in-depth conversation where we learn about you and your family. We don’t take on a child abuse case unless we are comfortable that the client is a good fit for our firm. Before making this decision, we want to know as much as possible about you, your significant other, and your children. We want to understand the events that brought you into the CPS spotlight.

When we decide to take on a case, we ask the client to make a large financial commitment to us. Because of this, we believe that we should only take on clients when we believe we’re able to fully commit to their case. In order to make this decision we need to know more about you. After we’ve learned about your case, we’ll have a partner meeting at our office meeting where we discuss the merits of the case, scheduling concerns, staff availability,  and the amount of work that we expect it will take.

We don’t accept every potential client who comes knocking. Some times we’re unable to fully commit to a client because of scheduling issues. In a small percentage of cases, we just don’t feel like our personalities are a good match. In every case, we’ll get back to you promptly to discuss how to proceed. If If we’re unable to help you, we’ll make recommendations to qualified attorneys who may be able to help.

Please call Josh or Keeley to schedule a meeting. 616-425-5556